Feeling Beachy

The sun is shining and I’m feeling beachy here at Ditsy Blue…there’s nothing like a bit of warmth and sunshine to inspire and ignite that spark of creativity!  Here are some of the things I’ve been making…

Inspired as always by the beautiful little cottages by the sea which I’ve always loved, here’s a Seaside Cottage bead in a lovely subtle, muted blue.  More of these to come in different colours!

Something else I’ve always loved are beach huts…hugging the shoreline in their beautiful colours, these cosy little spaces are a quintessential part of the seaside.  Here’s my very own and very loved little  Weathered Beach Hut bead!

Next up is a new bracelet featuring some gorgeous aquamarine nuggets, a couple of my beach beads and some gorgeous beaded beads in a stunning etched gold finish.  Aquamarine, said to be the ‘treasure of the mermaids’ is a stone of enlightenment and spiritual awareness, and is calming and soothing…and it’s beautiful, sparkling pale blue-green hue evokes the relaxation of the sea perfectly.

Here’s another bracelet featuring some of my beach beads and beaded beads, this time teamed with some dark teal sari silk.  The darker colours of this piece remind me of foraging in the mysterious underwater world of an inky rock pool!

And some sweet and simple beach style earrings, beach stones wrapped in oxidised copper with handmade sterling silver ear wires…

New birdies!  Well actually, they’re pretty much the same as my previous bird beads but in a different colour, fitting in with my beachy theme perfectly!  And I’ve added some baby bird beads too…exactly the same as the bigger beads but in miniature.  Sold in pairs and perfect for earrings!  I’ve made lots of these in different colours  for custom orders, and thought it was about time I made some for my shop!

And finally, here are some of the beaded beads I’ve been making in lush beachy hues…

As always, all of these are available here on my website as well as in my Folksy and Etsy shops.  Enjoy the sunshine!


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