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Art Bead Scene June Monthly Challenge







This month’s challenge over at Art Bead Scene was to create something inspired by the beautiful painting ‘Trees Laden with Parasites and Epiphytes in a Brazilian Garden’, 1873, by Marianne North.

I love red, and I love green, but I’m not a big fan of red and green together (not even at Christmas).  So when I saw Brandi Hussey’s colour palette I was overjoyed to see many more colours in there, (and actually I think that pinkish raspberry red and spring green are a great combination).  And I love butterflies, so all was not lost for me!

I chose to make some faceted beads because they kind of look a little like the butterfly’s wings, and I made these in red and the blue-green that you can see on some of the leaves.  Butterfly Garden Necklace 2

I wanted a butterfly to be the focal in my piece as it is in the painting, so for this I created a relief mold and made a butterfly pendant.  I had already made the green leaf bead, the spotted green bead and the orange and red spiral beads for other projects earlier in the year, but never used them…and they just happened to fit in really well.  And I found some little pink glass flower beads, red glass trumpet flowers, red and green glass rounds and African Bicones in my stash (all from the wonderful Smitten Beads) which complemented everything perfectly.

The painting is busy with leaves and flowers bursting forth in every direction, so I wanted my necklace to be busy too…I really enjoyed this month’s challenge, so thank you again Art Bead Scene!

Butterfly Garden Collage












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