Winter Roses

It’s been a bit on the quiet side around here lately.  Life can be pretty chaotic at times, but the past couple of months seem to have been busier than ever…chaos and creativity aren’t always a great match, so feeling inspired and carving out some making time has been particularly challenging!

But here we are in January already, and suddenly things are much calmer and a bit easier…and I’ve got some newbies to share with you at last!

New Year this year was spent with some lovely friends and it was such a wonderful, relaxing few days after all the rushing around.  We did a bit of shopping, played some games and generally chilled out together, so good for the soul!

So on our return I wanted to make something special for Helen as a thank you for looking after us so well.  She’d bought this gorgeous dress from Mistral while we were there…

so I thought I’d make something to go with it.  And here it is!

Winter roses, beaded beads and freshwater pearls.  Which brings me to my latest colour crush!  I love the richness of these colours and I think the plum, aubergine and pale pink work so beautifully together.

Here’s a bracelet using the same elements and colours.  I really wanted to use a toggle clasp for this piece but didn’t have one that matched in with everything else, so I made my own!

I rather love the colour of these roses so I’ve made some more for the bead section of my shop, as well as some earring charms in the same style as the toggle clasp.

It’s nice to be back and making again!


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