Sweet Daisy

For the first time in for absolute ever I’ve managed to create something for this month’s Art Bead Scene challenge.  Although it’s actually now last month’s challenge because today is February and I’m a day late with it,  but I’m hoping I can sneak in quietly at the back unnoticed.  There really aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes!

Anyway, the challenge piece for January was ‘Field of Flowers’ by Egon Schiele.

Although reds and oranges are usually colours I tend to naturally steer a little bit clear of, I do love flowers so I couldn’t resist playing along.  And there’s something very sweet and beautiful about daisies, don’t you think?  They seem to be such happy little flowers, maybe because they’re wild and free!  So I made some red daisy beads (which I rather love and will definitely be making more of in different colours!)

I wanted to make the daisy the star of the show in my piece, so I teamed it with a mix of ebony wooden beads, some beaded beads in a beautiful topaz colour, a Vintaj leaves charm and a couple of glass flowers.

Sweet and simple yet beautifully sophisticated!

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