Stormy Rose

I was recently asked to make some jewellery for a friend to go with this stunning ‘Stormy Rose’ dress by Karen Millen.


Perfect…an utterly gorgeous dress scattered with beautiful roses, what a perfect project! Being a lover of all things flowery as well as a maker of rose beads, it felt natural for that to be my starting point.  But then for some reason I started to question my own instinct and wondered whether it might actually be better to have no roses incorporated into the jewellery at all…and that’s where the trouble began!

There are lots of colours in the dress, and the more you look at it the more colours you find!  From dark to pale pink, peach/orange, light grey, dark grey, green and even some blues…I initially tried to bring in several of these colours and raided my bead stash for everything that might work, but the composition was proving quite tricky.  So I ended up doing what I always do when this happens…I packed all of my beads away again and had a break from it (luckily my friend was in no hurry for her jewellery!!)

When I eventually came back to it everything was much clearer…the dress is a riot of colour with a busy print and I was over-thinking my design.  So I chose to focus on just a few of the colours and go back to my original instinct to include roses…and this is what I came up with!


I made two swirly roses, one in a deep plum/wine colour and the other a little lighter, then made some dark grey beaded beads.  I included two green leaf beads and a double strand of gorgeous silvery fresh water pearls.


For the earrings I made some baby roses and again used the pearls, but this time I chose these lovely dark grey leaf beads which I think work really well too.


On occasions I find it very difficult to part with my creations…and this was definitely one of them!




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