Well it’s been a busy time here at Ditsy Blue!  Earlier in the month I had some of my work featured at the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey as part of the Cockington Court Gallery display, which was really exciting but it meant lots of late nights as well as a couple of through-the-whole-nights beforehand getting everything ready in time (why does that always happen?!), and since then I’ve been busy making lots of new pieces and freshening things up a bit for the summer months!  Here are a few of the newbies…


‘Pebble Cottage’ which includes a couple of my pebble beads as well as a fisherman’s cottage in a gorgeous muted lilac tone…I love the different shades of grey in this piece!


This little cottage sits at the edge of the shore giving it it’s name ‘Rockpool Bay’…I love the mixture of greens with the rustic quality of the etched glass beads, yummy!


And another cottage bracelet!  Sometimes when I’m designing new pieces I use a specific colour palette (I collect them on Pinterest, and as I scroll through them one will just jump out at me and scream “Use Me! Use Me!”!)

Other times I may use a random photograph or piece of art and draw out colours from that.

And then there are times when a combination of colours just comes together, which is just what happened here…when I’m making, I often work on more than one piece at a time so my bead mat/work table looks a bit like it’s been ransacked (this is quite normal for creatives I think, the rest of my house is tidy-ish!)  And there they were, little orphan beads without a home, and they found each other for me!  I adore these colours together, they remind me of seashells which is why this one’s called ‘Seashell Cove’.


Next up is a necklace, sweet and simple and reminiscent of many happy, lazy days in Cornwall…it’s called ‘Cornish Coast’.


And a pair of earrings in the same lush teal/turquoise palette!  I’m generally rubbish at keeping my earrings department stocked up, possibly because I rarely wear earrings myself so find making bracelets and necklaces so much easier. ..perhaps I should set myself a challenge to make a pair of earrings everyday for a week??!

All of these newbies are available in my Folksy and Etsy shops as well as here on my website, see you next Friday when I’ll have seven new pairs of earrings to show you!

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