How I Make My Beads


Polymer clay is such a wonderfully versatile art material to work with…the beautiful colours and combinations of colours are endless, and there are so many different techniques to experiment with.

I love the millefiori technique…Millefiori is Italian for ‘thousand flowers’ and Venetian glassworkers used this technique many years ago in their decorative glass work.  A similar process can be applied when working with polymer clay – a long tube of clay called a ‘cane’ is created, with colours and patterns running through it.

Using a variety of millefiori techniques you can build pictures which can be used in many ways to create different effects.

Here I have started to make a pink flower cane for my Afternoon Tea collection using bullseye canes for the centre of the flower, and skinner blend canes for the petals.


I used translucent white clay with gold leaf to ‘pack’ my pink flower…


…then I reduced it several times so I had canes in the different diameters which I needed for my project.


Here are some of the other canes I created for my Afternoon Tea collection…

Plate of Towers

…and here they are as beads!

Afternoon Tea Beads

These beautiful colours remind me of lazy summer days, love and laughter!

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