Hold Close Your Spiritual Heart

So it’s the last day of February today (how did that happen?!) and I’ve just about managed to create something in time for this month’s Art Bead Scene challenge.  The inspiration was this beautiful painting by Sir Frank Dicksee entitled ‘The Two Crowns’.

I absolutely loved this piece as soon as I saw it…I love the colours and the dresses, the flowers and the kind of whole romantic feel it has to it.  How I would have loved to have lived in those times, I was definitely born in the wrong era I think!  But there is more to this painting than initially meets the eye.

The English medieval prince, with his golden crown and opulent armour and surrounded by admiring onlookers, gazes up at a crucifix.  A stark contrast to the scene around him, and a vivid reminder that wealth and riches are of no real importance.

There is so much inspiration in this painting that I almost didn’t quite know where to start!  I looked at the colours and the various elements and themes, and was naturally drawn to the roses, the dresses and the crucifix.  So I began playing around with some ideas, and here’s what I came up with…

A single rose signifies the outward beauty, the strands of sari silk are the grandeur and material lavishness, the translucent bead is the light from Christ, the beaded bead is the complexity we create in our lives with material things and the etched English cut glass beads are the spiritual and intellectual awakening.

Hold close your spiritual heart and seek out the jewels of your soul.



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