Feeling the Love

Believe it or not, I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day…yes, I love whimsical hearts and flowers and pink things, and I also love romantic novels and love songs and chocolate.  And I love to celebrate love in all it’s forms…not just romantic love with a significant other,  but loving and caring about the people that are a special part of my life, as well as reaching out to people who I feel a connection with and letting them know that they’re valued.  But I do that all the time, not just on Valentines Day!

So yes, my shop is full of roses and hearts and flowers…but it always is!

Here are some of my new winter roses in plum and charcoal…I love the depth created by these darker colours

And baby roses…just like my regular roses but teeny tiny, and perfect for earrings

Little Love Birds…these have been around for a while and I love making them, so I’m going to be experimenting with some new colours soon too

Houses with hearts…my love of miniature architecture and whimsical love hearts combined!

And some happy little Sweet Daisy beads…I can feel more colours of these coming on too I think!

Here’s a new bracelet which combines a quote pebble bead with a daisy as well as some beaded beads and gorgeous wooden beads…’You Are My Happy Place’

And some earrings featuring some of those new baby roses!

Are you feeling the love??!








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