Feeling Folksy

In September I was very proud and honoured to be asked by the lovely people over at Folksy to be their featured maker.

It was crazy busy getting everything ready…they could only feature one of my shops, which meant I needed to choose between my beads and my jewellery.  This was a tough decision…historically I’d always sold more jewellery on Folksy than beads, but I wanted people to know that I sold my beads too.  So just a few days before I was featured I decided to move my beads in with my jewellery and have everything under one roof.  I really could have done with having that brainwave a couple of months earlier!!

Workspace collage

It was a huge amount of work moving over all the listings (made worse by my dial-up speed internet!) and I was also making new beads and jewellery, taking workspace and work in progress photos (quite tricky when you don’t like having your photo taken!) as well as getting the answers to my interview questions ready (you can take a look at my interview on the Folksy blog here).

Me 1


I just about managed to get everything done in time, and was able to relax a little – pleased that everything was organised and looking pretty…then came the sales.  It sounds silly I know, but I hadn’t really been expecting quite so much of that bit!

I had the busiest two weeks ever.  As quickly as I was making new pieces and listing them, they were selling and being packaged up and sent off (some as far as Australia!!)

It’s a truly fantastic feeling being rushed off your feet every day doing something you love…thank you Folksy!



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