Colour Crush

I have a huge passion for colour and quite often it is a particular colour scheme or combination of colours which initially inspires me to create something. To feed this I have a rather impressive collection of colour ideas on pinterest which I’ve been hoarding for a few years now, and I often find myself scrolling through them until one jumps out at me and I simply can’t resist it!

But why do certain colours look wonderful together and others don’t?  Is it just down to personal taste?  The colour wheel is an invaluable tool for any designer/maker, and although the science behind it all baffles me slightly it is a great point of reference.  I often find though that the combinations of colours which should work together don’t always appeal to me, and that colour schemes that I am drawn to don’t necessarily stick to those rules.  So I tend to make up my own rules as I go along!

Which brings me to my latest colour crush…this delicious palette of turquoise, teal, lilac and purple.


Aren’t they just gorgeous?! I’ve always loved turquoise in all it’s forms, from the palest seafoam through to the darkest teal, and there are lots of colours that I’d happily team up with it (are there actually any colours that don’t go with turquoise?!)  But on this occasion I’ve chosen purple!


Here’s a bracelet featuring a combination of these luscious hues, which features a gorgeous selection of glass beads as well as one of my little handcrafted daisies and a beaded bead.  Sweet and simple!


And some earrings, also featuring some of my beaded beads…these are called ‘Falling Leaves’


Some new cottages!


Another pair of earrings…these are called ‘Happy Soul’


And finally this Flower Garden pendant which combines all of those colours!


All of these newbies are available here on my website as well as in my Folksy and Etsy shops!


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