Autumn Flowers

Well it’s been quite a while since I took part in one of the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges…it’s been a busy few months for me!  But the challenge piece for November really caught my eye, so as much as I should really be focusing on the fast approaching holiday season and addressing the fact that, once again, I don’t have nearly enough stock for my upcoming events, I really couldn’t resist playing along.

Autumn Flowers ABS

The inspiration this month is this beautiful silkscreen print by Marguerite Zurach entitled ‘Autumn Flowers’.  What beautiful colours!  I’m not generally a big fan of orange for some reason, and rarely use it…but I think the combination of the orange with the blue is simply stunning.  I love the burst of flowers and leaves too, and really wanted to create something that had that same energy.

I rather love the big flowery statement necklaces that are popular right now, so my original idea was to create something along those lines.  Sometimes what seems like a brilliant idea can actually be a bit of a nightmare though…yes, it’ll look lovely, but how do I make it???!   So whilst researching how to construct such a piece, I literally stumbled upon two brilliant posts by Heather Powers on the Art Bead Scene blog from way back in 2011 (you can find them here and here) where she looks at the beautiful work of Miriam Haskell.  This sort of style is exactly what I had rattling around in my brain trying to find a way out!!


I made a blue flower out of polymer clay to use as the focal for my piece, and raided my bead stash for everything orange, blue, brown and red.

'Autumn Flowers' Necklace 3

I really needed a filigree to use as the base, but I didn’t have one…I made my own out of polymer clay, but you really have to tug at the wire to secure everything and it broke.  So I kind of had to improvise, which meant that I couldn’t make my design anywhere near as big as I’d have liked.

'Autumn Flowers' Necklace 2

I teamed my flower and leaf cluster with some Vintaj chain, peanut beads and gorgeous sari silk from the lovely Smitten Beads.

I really enjoyed making this necklace…I love how the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges always push me out of my comfort zone!  And although my ‘Autumn Flowers’ necklace is technically a finished piece, I’m going to get myself some filigree and try again…I’ll show you when it’s done!

'Autumn Flowers' Collage

10 thoughts on “Autumn Flowers

  1. Wow. That is so very lovely. That flower just leaps right out of the painting. It has that Haskell feel, but a quieter version. If I hadn’t already selected a piece to feature this week, yours would have received the nod! Thanks for joining in the fun with us. So nice to see your unique take on things and look forward to seeing what you do in the future! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I love that you picked the flower rather than the leaves in the painting for your necklace – it mirrors it perfectly and the sari silk echos the blue in the curtains. It’s a lovely piece Karen x

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