A Splendid Zebra

Well I promised I’d try to write blog posts more often, and put more interesting stuff on Facebook more often too this year.  I’m not sure I’ve done terribly well with either so far…but I have been very busy making beads, and here I am just about squeezing in another blog post before January 2015 is over and done with.

I’ve had a little visitor helping me in my studio this week…his name is Zeezee and he is a very special zebra from far, far away.


He is very ticklish and he wiggles if you tickle him.  He loves to sing songs and have adventures, and he likes to eat toast and marmite too…yum yum!  But he does NOT like mushrooms.

Of course, I couldn’t resist creating a bead in honour of such a distinguished, remarkable and altogether splendid zebra!

Zeezee Collage 2

Just don’t feed him mushrooms.

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