A Garden of Paradise

This month’s challenge piece over at Art Bead Scene is this beautiful painting entitled ‘Feuilles’ 1928 by Seraphine Louis.

feuilles-1928 (1)

Seraphine Louis was a self-taught French painter who was born into a peasant family in 1864.  She was mystical and prone to visions, and she painted in response to an angel’s voice calling her to ‘paint for the Glory of God’.

She was inspired by nature and the fields and woods where she wandered as a child, and mysterious flowers, leaves and fruits thrived in the heaven bound ‘garden of paradise’ that grew out of the ramblings of her unconscious mind.

Painting alone in her studio, Seraphine began a slow descent into madness. She was committed to a lunatic asylum in 1932, and died there 10 years later, utterly destitute.

I love the colours in this painting, the pinks and reds and oranges are bursting with life…pink is a colour I am naturally drawn to and I use it a lot, but I often struggle with orange.  In this painting though pink and orange seem to sit together so beautifully and perfectly!

I began experimenting and created some leaf shaped beads and a bracelet connector out of polymer clay…the leaf beads didn’t work for me, but I was happy with the connector.  I tried to use as many colours as possible from the painting!

'Garden of Paradise' Bracelet Bar

I teamed my connector with a variety of beads (the pink one is mine, the gorgeous Scottish agate is from Harbourside Antiques and the rest are from Smitten Beads, and I used a piece of recycled sari silk (also from Smitten) to finish it off and bring it all together.

'Garden of Paradise' Bracelet 5

My ‘Garden of Paradise’ Bracelet!

'Feuilles' 1928 by Seraphine Louis

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