A Cornish Summer

I was recently asked by one of my lovely customers to recreate a bracelet I’d made a couple of years ago…she’d been browsing through my pinterest images and saw something she loved but that was no longer available.

It was called ‘A Cornish Summer’ and I made the original bracelet whilst camping in Cornwall (literally…it was a rainy day you see, and I just so happened to have everything I needed with me!!)  It was inspired by the beautiful, rugged Cornish coastline and long, lazy summer days.

I have a notebook stuffed full of sketches and notes about the different pieces I’ve made, and I always jot down the colour mix ‘recipes’ I’ve used for each one…so making the beads again for this piece was no problem at all, and I also happened to still have enough of the glass beads which compliment it which was a stroke of luck!

I set about making the beads and of course fell in love with this gorgeous colour combination all over again, so I couldn’t resist making some more of the beads for a necklace!

I made a couple of beaded beads as well this time to compliment everything else.  The beaded pom poms take for absolute ever to make, but they’re so much fun and add a wonderful texture to the piece.

Simplicity is what this necklace is all about, a gorgeous selection of coastal inspired beads simply strung on a piece of grey leather cord…I can definitely feel some more of these coming on!



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