A Whimsical Hare

Two or three weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting creative challenge over at Art Jewelry Elements…an invitation to create something bead or jewellery related to fit in with their current theme for Spring 2015, which is the March Hare.

I rather love hares (and rabbits of course!) and felt really inspired, so I couldn’t resist playing along.

I collected some images of hares on pinterest, then began sketching.  I decided I wanted to make a pendant, so I carved a sitting hare out of scrap polymer clay to make a mold.  After curing, I painted my pendant to give it a rustic look…and here it is!

Hare Pendant 3


I also wanted to try and make a simple, whimsical style hare bead.  I ended up making two, and although I’m quite pleased with how they turned out (for my first attempt!) I’m not sure they’re quite finished.  A family member asked if the one on the right was a snail…a little harsh perhaps, but I can see where he was coming from!

Hare Collage 2

And so there it is, my first ever Art Jewelry Elements challenge…I love how a little seed of inspiration grows into something I’d possibly never have made!

Take a look at what the AJE Team created for this challenge:


And here are the guest entries:




13 thoughts on “A Whimsical Hare

  1. Karen – I really like your hare! What great texture, and such expression on its face! Thank you for joining the AJE team on this challenge. Hopefully now that you have found out blog you’ll be a regular reader!

  2. These are just lovely! The “snail” like one is with out a doubt my favourite, I adore his little face and he looks very tactile!

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